How to safely and quickly clean the iPhone & iPod screen

The screens of iPhone and iPod are very sensitive, and this is the reason it so smoothly responds. While they give an excellent touch screen experience, it is very necessary to take care of the screen. Even when you have screen protection on, cleaning the screen of an iPhone, or iPod touch is an act of responsibility. Therefore, here are some tips from Tech Medics on how to clean the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch:

Microfiber cloth

This is a very good material to clean phone screens because microfiber prevents scratches that may show up after using any other cloth on the screen. Rub the cloth ‘gently’ from top to bottom and the fingerprints that are left on screen gets cleaned easily. The reason it should be done ‘gently’ is because pressing it too hard can cause damage.

Switching it off

Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure the phone is not charging and then switch it off. Cleaning the screen with iPhone or iPod switched on may cause permanent damage to the gadget.

Do not use household liquids and chemicals

Household cleaners and chemicals may sound good options to clean the screen of iPhone and iPod, but they must be avoided at all costs. At most, you can use water to dampen the cloth a bit to remove dry spots that are not being removed by cloth itself. However, immediately rub the screen with the dry part of the cloth so that no moist remains on the screen. Chemicals and cleaners are harmful to the screen.

Dampen the cloth, not the screen

A common mistake that users often make is they pour a few drops of water on the screen and rub the dry cloth on it. Although this may sound very similar to the correct method it is not. Throwing water on the screen directly may result in phone damage.

Prompt Action

If any liquid spills over the screen, clean it off immediately without waiting for it to dry. Once dry, the spots are difficult and riskier to remove while fresh spills can easily be removed by rubbing the microfiber cloth gently all over the screen.

When nothing works, do not experiment

At times, you fail to realize some spills on the screen of your iPhone or iPod. These spills later dry up and are nearly impossible to clean safely. When you try all above tips, and they do not work, give the gadget away to some  professional shop or individual. They use special tools and skills to clean it off safely. Although cleaning may seem to be a simple task it needs to be done very carefully when it comes to iPhone and iPod. Slight carelessness may result in a damaged screen that could cost you hundreds of dollars later on. Therefore, it is better to use precautions while cleaning the screen so that you can use your gadget in a perfect condition for a long time.

Tech Medics

Is Hiring IT Support A Luxury Or A Smart, Cost-Saving Move?

In today’s still-recovering economy, balancing the investment and costs associated with opening and maintaining a business is a big challenge. However, although managing your finances has never been this important, so hasn’t the need for IT support, as systems are becoming increasingly complex every day, and new innovations and challenges are unveiled almost as often. That is why business owners should stop thinking of managed IT support services as a luxury and start making room in their budget for this kind of external support, if they’re not ready for an in-house IT department.

To help you further understand the cost-saving benefits of hiring IT support in Norfolk, here are some of the reasons why IT support is an investment you could regret not making.

The first and most obvious benefit of hiring IT services is that they can manage your technology. This means that they will make sure your hardware and software are good, secure and run smoothly, alert you about the need to upgrade and advise you about the adoption of new, more advanced solutions which might improve your business’s efficiency and security. This can be very important, as it will prevent your equipment from becoming obsolete, useless or worse yet, broken from misuse, something which could prove very costly, but it will also prevent your company from investing in products or equipment which may not bring any benefits at all.

The second reason why hiring a support company permanently will save you money is that they will be available when you feel the need for assistance. This will obviously save you time, first of all, because you don’t need to go looking for this service, but it will also save you money because this kind of assistance will likely be included in your initial deal, reducing or eliminating any extra fees, when the alternative could be quite expensive.

The final reason why hiring a managed IT support provider will save you money is tied to what we’ve just described above and it is the fact that you know what you’re getting and what to expect as far as costs and benefits, since you can negotiate a package of services and sign a contract, so you know what you’ll be paying and what you’re getting in each situation, something you can’t predict when you hire services on a “need to” basis.

Also, and this might not save you money directly but is certainly an advantage, knowing that there is someone providing those services to your company regularly as well as in case of emergency gives you and your staff the peace of mind needed to run your business and perform your own tasks without having to worry about the state of your IT, which increases efficiency.

With these kinds of money-saving advantages, one can hardly argue that hiring any of Norfolk’s IT support firms is a luxury, as the savings from having a service like this on hand clearly outbalance the costs involved, either initially or over time. After all, when all is said and done, any given company needs some kind of tech support nowadays, so planning ahead to save money is certainly a smart business move, even when you are just starting out.

How IT Services help Businesses to Grow?

There are several ways you could approach to make your business grow. Most of the owners come with innovative strategies and personal gimmicks to grab more attention from the consumers. They use their creative advertisement and promotion methods to reach the target and sales market. In the present situation, technology advancements play a vital role, and it serves great for business developments. Here I am listing how IT services can help a business…..

• IT services in London are becoming high in demand because of its flexibility and reliability. Moreover, 90% of the established industries would strongly agree that their business has grown because of the contributions from the Information Technology department.
• They use the most up to date technology and latest services for the growth and success of an organisation. IT services serve the business in a great way to achieve the sales target faster and easier.
• I also notice that they offer advanced tools and creative solutions which helps the business to achieve better results and become more productive.
• Their tools help the business to bring new customers and maintain the existing customers in a profitable way.
• The employees continue to work more than their satisfactory level as they are paid well for their hard work and efficiency. Thus, IT services serve the business to provide best products, excellent customer services and other value added products.
• Nowadays, IT, services are considered as the best investment and most of the top owners, have agreed as it works smart, just like I do.
• IT tools promote smart working environment. They teach you how to finish a complex work in a simple way. By this method, you can avoid work delays and gradually speed up your business in an efficient way.
• Because of its flexibility you can set up advanced processes and reduce your expenses. Cloud computing technology is one of the best examples.
• Furthermore, as a business owner you can start to focus more on marketing and billing streams rather than the IT department.

Experience excellence by hiring the best IT services in London.
If you are planning to make some transformation in your organisation/business, hire an IT consultant and feel the real difference. IT services in London are worth its price and benefits which I have experience in my own business. They offer a wide range of outstanding services that includes server management, hosting, software licenses, service desk, backup, mail archiving, monitoring and more. They hold experienced engineers to deliver professional services round the clock. They work with a single focus to deliver high-quality service to their valuable clients. Make your business grow by signing up with the leading IT provider.

How To Protect My Data And Information?

Ever since the use of computer increased, there have been a lot of security issues prevailing everywhere. Thanks to the latest cloud computing technology. It has paved way for various industries. You may wonder how it could protect your data. In recent days, most of the cloud computing company employ the latest technology to offer maximum support to their users. You can save, transfer and share files in a best-protected platform without having any second thought on information theft. Do you run a medium to large organisation? If so, then ensure to get cloud computing advice in London.

Best cloud computing advice in London
You need to evaluate a provider before signing up with them. Here listing some of the major points to consider while collaborating with the cloud service provider.
• The provider should have maintained a good record of experience and credibility. An experienced professional can easily understand and manage your server without much instruction.
• Briefly discuss with other clients so that you can track the cloud provider’s performance in ease. Moreover, you will get to know more about his expertise and proficiency.
• Make sure that cloud computing technology is suitable for your business. If possible, you can talk to the business analyst and acquire essential cloud computing advice in London.

Once you are clear about the level of technology they use, their service level agreement and monitoring conditions, and billing procedure, you can eventually sign up with them. Cloud computing helps to reduce unnecessary IT expenses and maximises your profit in a great way.

Improve Profits by Implementing Cloud Computing Technology For Your Business

Cloud computing platform is the next generation growing technology used in a number of organisations. Most of us have now started to realize its flexibility of gaining access to information at their convenience. Moreover, organisations can make use of this technology without paying for infrastructure or hiring costs. I have noticed that it is typically affordable and does not need much time or resources to implement. While you are planning to implement cloud computing in London, it is essential to check that the provider’s model holds five important characteristics to consider that they provide an effective cloud computing network.

Network Access: This is a major benefit of cloud computing in London. If the provider can offer universal network access, then you should think about it. The user could log into their network from any part of the world and can access all the required information. For this feature, the user needs to have a browser supported desktop or laptop and Internet connection. He/she can share, view and transfer files to other network users or their colleagues. However, if you find your provider is not offering such kind of access then implementing cloud computing technology would remain useless and exasperating. Moreover, the provider should use an advanced technology that can transport large sum of network traffic produced by the user.

Flexibility: The provider should cater to the needs of the user. They should be flexible enough to offer services according to the business type. There are several universities and organisations that expect a greater amount of suppleness in their operations. The service provider should offer services at a reasonable cost with also implementing new services to customers that are trending in demand. The best feature of cloud computing is the user can sign into their account and get all their necessary information whenever needed without anyone’s help or interference. This feature helps the business to cut a lot of infrastructure and IT administration expenses, and they could also get what they want in a short time.

Resource Pooling: The cloud computing provider should allow access to multiple users for getting information or resources from the cloud storage center. One of the benefits is the cloud provider can simply transfer resources from inactive user to another one who is active. It helps you and the organisation to save costs, and the user is provided with the necessary at their own convenient time.

If you are staying in UK and are looking for the best Network Services In The London Area, then there is only one place that you need to look into. I found all my network needs met by availing the services of Prosyn Ltd., which is one of the most reputed companies in London for this.


What is the need for Mobile Application Development?

Mobile applications offer meaningful solutions that will help to manage your business in a simple way. In the present generation, both the consumers and business demand out of box and innovative mobile applications which will offer a better user experience. This is the reason why a mobile application development service is facing a huge popularity these days. The development team ensure to build applications that should easily run on various operating systems like Windows, Blackberry, iOS and Android phones. SmarterParis is the latest mobile app that is exclusively designed for Paris travellers.

Paris comes under the world’s popular historic and cultural cities. France surrendered Paris voluntarily in order to protect its beauty from terrific war. Though there are several paper guides, you may find hard to discover and navigate the famous sites. Mobile websites are filled with valueless contents limiting its functionality. ‘SmarterParis’ application is trendy, compact and user-friendly.

· It serves as a perfect guide to start up your dream Paris trip from the scratch.
· This brilliant application is developed by Smarter City Guides, a new startup in mobile application market. This company is established with the support of two developers and five editors who gather and upload authentic information necessary for the travellers.
· The application has lot of information from real Parisians and hold 1500 images in the gallery.
· ‘SmarterParis’ is now easily available to public. You can easily download from Android or Apple operating devices. As the application holds offline maps, you will not be charged with any additional fee when you are in roaming.
· This application will download all the information in advance and serves as a guide to travellers. Moreover, if you are interested to explore the real Paris, you can download and click the command ‘Meet the Parisians’ to reserve a feast at home, wine tasting, visiting top events, and more with the assistance of their experts.
· The application is reasonable priced and cost just half of the other traditional travel applications available in the market. It is regularly updated with new information about the exhibitions and concerts, latest happenings in the city, events and cultural festivals, guided walks, restaurant and pub reviews and more.
· The most beneficial feature of SmarterParis apps is, it works 100% online and does not features any commercial promotions or advertisements. It even has a dictionary, weather forecast, currency converter and phrasebook. This is truly a next generation application that is really with to download and use.

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Cloud Computing Services – The Latest Eye-Opener

What has made computer tasks foreign to most of the people? They just sign in, search information from their database and they get it instantly without anyone’s support. Guess, a very few of them should have got a second thought of what is happening, how it is possible to get information just like that. People do not worry much about the information, but they are always concerned about the internet connection and the performance of their computers. By implementing cloud computing service in your business, you would never have a second thought about the speed of internet connection or performance of your systems.

A friend of mine always used to tell me that cloud computing technology is the latest invention, but the concept is old. In early days, all computers in a business organisation would be installed with necessary software and programs in advance by the IT person. But after implementing the cloud system, there is no need to install any software accordingly for the user. The user can sign in to the central server and browse whatever he/she needs. You can save a lot of energy, resources and time by executing the cloud. As the user can find everything from the central server, there is very fewer chances for computer programs to fail and stoppage of systems.

A group of employees can browse, share and transfer files within their network. Dropbox is the best example for cloud computing. You would be able to get their information and secured files by just logging the central server. There are no second thoughts about network inefficiency or loss of information. This technology is highly employed in medium to large environments where employees work with linking of much accesses or sharing a common access for all systems. So, instead of installing programs and files in every system, the provider would display them in the cloud platform.

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Reasons to adopt IT Cloud Services

Cloud technology is very useful especially if you have employees who travel a lot for business purposes. It can help you stay connected with your office and colleagues through the cloud. Are you struggling to access data or increase productivity? Develop your business using cloud technology. I have my experiences with this. Check out the below listed strong reasons that can convince you.

Enhance your productivity: If every employee in your office can access the data, then surely it helps to boost your productivity. There will be no necessity for them to search files, transfer files from other employees or use the pen drive to install programs. Employees on the marketing stream can easily log in their account and get to know the latest updates, productivity and other official information. Moreover, they can also visit the activities of other departments if in case they need to prepare a detailed sales report.

Organize your employees: If you can get information anytime, then the whole organisation system will stay more mobile. Field employees can easily access to databases and files without any help. Marketing employes can easily update their spreadsheets on the go. This system will help the employees remain more work efficient without sticking to their desktop tables or office server connections.

Get Reports Instantly: For example, if you are in a field work and require some necessary information immediately, you can just log into your cloud server and read them. There is no need to wait or depend on the other person when the information is put on the cloud.

Cloud services help to augment the entire business operations at that too at a reasonable cost. I have moved my company files into the cloud, and it has been very effective. Try it yourself and let me know how you feel about it.

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Top Selling Entertainment Apps Trending Now in the Market

It is highly fun and crazy to use an Android phone. No matter, whether you have a HTC Droid Incredible or a Motorola Droid, you should definitely check out the app store where there are ample of fun applications that helps to keep you occupied.

Here listing some of the best essential entertainment apps available for free.

Immem Mobile: This is a next generation mobile music player, which you can play music either from your SD or stream it directly over the internet. It gives you several opportunities to listen your favorite songs. You need to sign up by using the free user account and upload music tracks. By saving in ‘My Music’ tab, you can listen whenever you feel like. It is user friendly and plays in background too when you are busy with other applications.

Palringo: If you are looking to access multiple instant messaging networks, then this is the right application. You have lot of options like Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, IM Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. It is built on a straightforward interface and easy to access. You can also make use of the group chat option by messaging your friends across various networks. Moreover, there is an option for you to create separate group within the Palringo community. No matter, if you could not find any. There is a built in chatbot called Samantha which you chat whenever you wish.

Mobile apps help the user to enjoy life in various ways and also serve to enhance the quality of one’s life.

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How To Select A Correct Cloud Service Provider For Your Business/Organisation?

Like the other platform, cloud computing needs to be administered just like the way I do it. If you have decided to move your business to cloud technology, then the next important decision, you need to take, is to find the best cloud service provider. By investigating and exploring on the internet, you can gain a lot of information though it is a bit complex process.

As a business owner, you need to do an extra bit of homework to evaluate the providers. You need to check out their years of experience, their achievements, credentials, testimonials and also if possible discuss with their clients to learn more about them. Once, if you can assess them in the present trending market, you could get confidence that they can perform the best to your organisation. Here I am listing some of the important things you need to consider before selecting them…

Monitoring and SLA: Service Level Agreement should be read carefully before signing up. Most of the business owners ensure to read the SLA given by the cloud service provider to learn their terms and conditions. You can also negotiate if you find anything unconvincing or not necessary. I would prefer a cloud provider who offers online monitoring services and ensure to rectify issues before they grow up.

Support: I also look into 24 x 7 service and support. If there is any system slow down or breakage, they should be able to provide solutions instantly without any delays. Though the applications are moved to the cloud, support problems will not disappear. You need to make sure that the cloud service provider agrees to the support targets in advance.

Transparency: When it comes to accounts and billing, the provider should maintain a clear account. But in recent days, the cloud service provider are so flexible which they offer easy payment options, half, monthly and yearly schemes, annual maintenance checkups and more. They should inform their clients what products they are using and how much cost does it involve. By maintaining a clear accounting and billing procedure, the customers can remain satisfied for what they pay.

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